Denis Ian: When Do Children Get to Be Children Again?

Thank you Denis Ian.
This is a good way to think about the current state of our Education system, an excellent sentiment for your Parenting toolbox, and a notion to carry with you to the Voting Booth!

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Is childhood a lost concept? Have we decided to treat five year olds like little adults? Reader Denis Ian reacts to the post about a child’s first day in kindergarten, which was spent taking assessments, not playing or socializing. Taking assessments:

I find it harder and harder to repeat myself when I bump into tales like this.

I sort of cringe myself into almost-anger because what we all see before us is so macabre and so twisted. And it reappears week after week after week.

In this case, which is hardly unique, a child’s first several moments in school … her first actual memories perhaps! … are of evaluations, testing, and assessments. This sounds awfully army-ish to me … and not very school-ish at all.

But the essential question … the one that should be asked first … is very simple: Who thinks this is a good idea? Who thinks…

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One thought on “Denis Ian: When Do Children Get to Be Children Again?

  1. I agree. As an old friend used to say, play is children’s work. It’s how they learn everything. My little grandchildren tote heavy packs to and from school each day. They bring home at least an hour’s homework each night. When are they supposed to play? We are getting this all wrong. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this subject. Assessments indeed.

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