All are Welcome

I wonder every day about people who are angry at others who see the world in a different way; about those who are offended by the beliefs that don’t line up perfectly with their own; about those who can somehow justify a bias toward people whose skin is a different hue, fellow humans who worship in a different house, those in poverty, anyone who speaks English with an accent, those who want to marry but legally cannot, and (insert any other subgroup of humanity here); about righteous indignation in general.

Does this acrimony stem from fear? “If she can believe that so strongly, then maybe I’M wrong/bad/stupid?”

Is it born of a need to feel superior? “Your wrong-ness validates my wonderful-ness!”

Can insecurity be the fuel? “If YOU are beautiful but don’t look like me, maybe I’m not so cute after all.”

There is a church here in Orlando called Hope Unites. It is part of the UCC, which from what I gather, is based upon the “Come as you are” philosophy. A church that pays more than lip service to “All are Welcome” (straight, GLBT, brown, white, black, any denomination) is my kind of house.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if every house, every dinner table, every school, church, and country club had an “All are Welcome–and Celebrated!” sign at the entrance?

hmmmm….wait a minute….here I am wishing everyone feels like I do. Am I guilty of exactly what I was pondering in the beginning of this musing?

Peace, friends.

2 thoughts on “All are Welcome

  1. Tolerance is a great lesson. Unfortunately, it is not taught enough. We are all just humans. We are all in this together!

    I am He as you are He as you are me and we are all together.
    –The Beatles


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